Commish Update

With only 4 games left before the playoffs and 1 game separates #3 from #9 … and the Yahoo projections show that 6 wins guarantees a playoff birth and the 6th seed will only have 5 wins …. everyone except Coop is very alive … (sorry Coop, you’ve got more important things going on anyway!!!) At the bottom of the post is a current look at the standings and the all-time standings!

Big congratulations to the new little additions to the Bros Like this League. Could we work on some male additions to the league? Congrats Coop and Thiel!!!

Big match-ups this week:

  • Pear Shaped Loser vs Fer da Pack … not quite an elimination game, but the loser of this one needs to go 2-1 down the stretch to feel good about getting into the playoffs.
  • Gilbert Burger vs JizMastaFlex … 2 teams trending in the opposite direction, the once invincible Bertschy has had every RB on his roster blow out a knee and has lost 3 in a row while Schwan’s team seems to be hitting their stride …
  • POTENTIAL CLUNKER OF THE WEEK:  Team Ben vs The Blaise Winters:  each team has 3 starters from this past week on bye.

Garrow After Finding Out  Karlos Williams was on his bench!!!

Top Points:
Week 1: Bertschy
Week 2: Eric
Week 3: Ben
Week 4: Bertschy
Week 5: Bertschy
Week 6: Bertschy
Week 7: Dan
Week 8: Schwan
Week 9: Ben

Current Bros Like This League Standings (as of 11/10/15)

All Time Standings (2011-14)alltime

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Week 1 is HERE!!!

Best of luck this week! Gronk and Touchdown Tom have started us off Thursday night strong…Lucky Schwanny. I cannot wait to watch this season progress and the Bros Like This League leave the Brew City and enter the beauty of the Fox Valley. Please see below all excuses for this Sunday/season:

Go Pack Go!!!

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Where’s Danny Tanner?


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2015 Draft Results

2015 Bros League Draft Results

Thanks everyone for making our live fantasy draft a great success! The Catholics vs. Convicts golfing outing was a nice touch to the day as well. Bertchy thanks for hanging in through all of the the technical difficulties. Below are Yahoo’s horrible thoughts and the Commish’s post draft analysis.

The instant Yahoo analysis gives best draft to Bertschy (most points in the year). Projected standings based on weekly pts. projections combined with schedule is below. Please note, Yahoo is predicting that I will become your 3x winner. I love being the front runner – Ben, don’t get too attached to the trophy, I can’t wait to pick her up at the end of the season! Good luck you fools.

Other quick analysis:

  • Has Golden lost his touch? 3-10 projection??
  • Maybe Eric didn’t draft as poorly as we thought last night!!!
  • 6 wins will likely be enough to get into the playoffs. Both in the projections and in 3 of the last 4 years, getting 6 wins was good enough to make the playoffs.
  • 2015 Draft Board:
  • Commish Record Predictions: 

1. Majik Man: 11-220150808_213318-1 (1)
2. Team Ben: 9-4
3. Gilbert Burger: 9-4
4. NOLA Strokes: 9-4
5. Pear Shaped Loser: 8-5
6. Fer Da Pack: 6-7
7. Wolf Pussy: 5-8
8. HaHa Clinton-Lewinsky: 3-10
9. The Blaise Winter’s: 3-10
10. JizMasta Flex: 2-11

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Tebow Back At It, How Jacked is @Sgolden12?

How could anyone forget this unbelievable photo…







And then we receive this gem from Eagles camp…

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2015 Draft Quickly Approaching

2015 Bros Like this League Draft

The 2015 Bros Like This League draft is less then two weeks away. It will be a live draft atBros League Logo the Garrow residence. There is no need for a computer (Ben don’t worry about it this time). We will be projecting the draft board in the movie theater. Bertchy is the only one that will need a computer & Google account, unless you will not be physically present. The Commish wanted to send out a few brief remembers:

When: August 8th, official start time 7:00 pm (CST)
Where: Garrow’s House (Text him for address)
Keepers: Due prior to the start of the draft on 8/8
League Buy-In: $100.00 (See payout info on Yahoo! site)
Pre-Draft Golf: Tentatively we will be golfing at Chaska Golf Course at 1:30 PM. Coop is reserving tee times for the group. Please respond about golf via:

 Hopefully this will be Garrow right around the 15th hole!



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Friday Humor!!!

The 1 & Only UroClub

Enjoy a little Friday humor for all the golfers in the group. I think this is the worst infomercial I have EVER seen!



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Bros League Draft 2015

The date has officially been set!

Saturday August 8th at 6pm located at the Garrow Corp residence. Team Ben please do not worry you will not need a computer this year. Garrow’s fluke finish will not be replicated in 2015 based on his NFL off-season knowledge while watching the 1st round of the NFL draft on Thursday night. Once again congrats Team Ben for a great championship and best of luck to the Bros! August 8th will be here before we know it. DRINK UP!!!

If any past winner would like to get their Bros League Championship tank please contact Commish to place the order.

Dan figuring out how his keepers could screw him this year?

Dan figuring out how his keepers could screw him this year?


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Congrats Team Ben

Bros League 2014 is Complete

Congratulations is in over for Team Ben, the 2014 Bros Like This League Champion. As the commissioner stated the trophy is not leave MKE. Below is the breakdown from the playoffs. HaHa Clinton-Lewinsky came out with nothing, but who-cares hes GREEDY. Hopefully Jacquizz’s wife avoided all Ray Rice left hooks on Sunday night as his lead Screenshot_2014-12-23-11-31-01slowly slipped away. The Stokes proved once again that history never lies. Being good at fantasy football is purely luck and this year remained the same. Pear Shaped Loser literately missed the playoffs by 1 yard (.1 points) because the Steelers were crushing their opponent.

1st Place: Team Ben
2nd Place: Jacquizz in my Pants
3rd Place: NOLA Strokes (Beat the curse of the white RB)

Merry Christmas Bros…


and a Happy New Year

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New Coach at Wisconsin

Coachaholics Ders Style


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