Week 15 Rewind

Championship Game 2013: JizMasta Flex vs Majik Man

The 2013 Bros Like This League championship game is all set with JizMasta Flex vs Majik Man. Majik Man is going after his second consecutive Bros Like This League trophy. One of these fine gentlemen will join The Gilbert Burger, Hayden Fox, The Meatsweats and Majik Man in the enormous status of a Bros League Champ. The 3rd place game will be for bragging rights and their entry fee back ($75.00) between Pear Shaped Loser and Meatsweats. This is the final week of the fantasy schedule. Good luck to all involved and we cannot wait for the newly reinvented team formally known as Hayden Fox. This will be a very interesting off-season at their team headquarters at Buckley’s in Seattle.


Past League Champions

Playoffs: JizMasta Flex Picks Up Victory over MeatSweats

JizMasta Flex picked up the highest player point total to date from Jamaal Charles (59.50) to beat MeatSweats 171.15 – 153.60. JizMasta Flex has been coming up strong regularly after winning their last four match-ups in a row. JizMasta Flex wins their second match-up with MeatSweats in as many games, and their head-to-head record improves to 2-1. Their last win was in Week 11 with a final score of 131.95 – 112.00. MeatSweats concluded the regular season in fifth place with a record of 7-6. Better than their record indicated, they ranked second in the league in points per game with 135.87. In their only other postseason game of the season, MeatSweats nipped Jacquizz in my pants, 124.05 – 120.20.

JizMasta Flex needed to remind The Meatsweats that he was the only team that would have beat him this week:


Lucky for him Jamaal Charles had the highest point total all year on Sunday. A few lucky fantasy football players escaped Jamaal Charles’s mega performance unlike the MeatSweats:


Playoffs: Majik Man Hangs a Huge Upset on Pear Shaped Loser

Majik Man got 27.10 points from Eddie Lacy and 27.00 from Kendall Wright to thrash Pear Shaped Loser 150.75 – 102.90. They came into the match-up as a 20.59-point underdog. Majik Man now has only two blowout wins on the year. Majik Man gets revenge for their last match-up with Pear Shaped Loser (a Week 8 loss: 128.05 – 122.00), and their head-to-head record improves to 2-1. The margin wasn’t as big as it could have been, Majik Man had a starter score zero points (Cecil Shorts III). Pear Shaped Loser ended the regular season in second place with a record of 8-5. Perhaps benefiting from some good fortune, they ranked just fifth in the league in scoring average at 129.94 points per game. This postseason, Pear Shaped Loser was sent home quickly, losing in their only playoff game.

Green & Gold Coverage

With a miraculous ending to the Packers vs. Cowboys game in Jerry’s World and the leg of Justin Tucker, the Green Bay Packers control their own destiny in the NFC Central. If the Packers win their final 2 remaining games (@Steelers & @Bears) the Packers will have overcome enormous odds to win the division and get a playoff birth. I would like to thank both Matt Flynn, Edward Lacy, and most importantly Justin Tuckers right leg!!!

Justin Tucker Stay Thirsty My Fantasy Owners

The best tweet by a NFL kicker EVER!!!

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