Early Indication: Flynn over Rodgers

Flynn or Rodgers on Sunday?

All indications point to the Matt Flynn era continuing at Lambeau Field this weekend vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. The official announcement will be made today after practice. As a fan I will be extremely disappointed if this is an organization protecting their player even if he is healthy enough to start. Ted Thompson and Dr. McKenzie need to look at what is in front of this team and what could happen (Remember 2010??).

Adam Schefter reported from an inside source indicating that there needs to be a “significant” change to allow Aaron Rodgers to play on Sunday. Hopefully he is wrong this time!

In case you missed it on ESPN.com: 

  • On the day Flynn took the majority of the snaps with the starters in practice, Aaron rodgers12.13Rodgers said he had a “good sense of what’s going to happen” this week.
  • And that sure looks like Flynn will get the call because Rodgers still had not been cleared to return from his broken collarbone, even though coach Mike McCarthy said Rodgers looked game ready to him.
  • The Packers also won’t have defensive tackle Johnny Jolly against the Steelers and possibly for the rest of the season. The details can be found in the daily injury report.
  • Several players mentioned the halftime speech that backup linebacker Jamari Lattimore delivered last Sunday in Dallas, but the soft-spoken Lattimore did not want to reveal what he said.
  • The ESPN panel of experts is divided on its picks for the Packers-Steelers game.


  • At ESPNWisconsin.com, Jason Wilde wrote that when it comes to Rodgers’ status, “unless McCarthy and his staff are planning the mother of all Sunday surprises, their actions this week have spoken louder than their words.”
  • In the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Mike Vandermause wrote that general manager Ted Thompson and team physician Dr. Pat McKenzie deserve credit for putting Rodgers’ long-term health ahead of the short-term success of the team, and Weston Hodkiewicz put into perspective running back Eddie Lacy’s streak of 242 carries since his last fumble, which came in Week 1.
  • In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tom Silverstein wrote that perhaps McCarthy was trying to send a message to Thompson and McKenzie that it’s time to clear Rodgers.
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