Best 2013 .GIFS

Best Sports .GIFs of 2013 (via Business Insider)

Scotter G. 1st MLB HRThis was not part of the Business Insider top 27 but I had to add this Scooter Gennett home run reaction with his teammates. This poor short man should be the starting second baseman of the Milwaukee Brewersthis upcoming season.

Anderson Silva Knocked Out

Anderson Silva taunts his opponent and then gets knocked the F-Out! [If it does not load click on the image]

Who could forget this from Friday


Who could forget this hit during the 2013 Outback Bowl!

Knowshown Moreno cries exploding tears

The MeatSweat’s very own Knowshon Moreno’s crying episode prior to kickoff. Apparently he takes his job pretty seriously. Not only did this go viral online he was also a 2014 Pro Bowl snub.

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn starting in place of Aaron Rodgers slides against the Pittsburgh Steelers and saves his head in the process. That Steeler just avoided a massive fine from the Commish!!!

Rockets Mascot vs Lakers Fan

The Houston Rockets mascot Clutch physically abuses an LA Lakers fan prior to the beginning of the 4th quarter. According to Wikipedia Clutch won the 2013 NBA Mascot of the Year.

Tiger Woods hits a Ball

The last .GIF is Tiger Woods destroying a ball of the tee. I just thought this one was extremely cool and hope my ball looks similar as it takes flight.

The complete list of the 27 best sport .GIFs of 2013 via Business Insider can be found here:

Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone and Go Pack Go!!!

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